Enjoy Fresh Ingredients at Your Favorite Dallas Restaurant

April 18th, 2017 by Liberty Burger

Enjoy Fresh Ingredients at Your Favorite Dallas Restaurant

Compare the food of any Dallas restaurant and it may become immediately apparent who uses fresh ingredients and who doesn’t. Nothing really compares to the taste of a meal prepared with the freshest possible ingredients, yet, many of us have taste buds that are dulled to the subtle flavors and textures of freshly prepared foods. How did this happen?

Well, many restaurants in the US have stopped truly cooking food. Instead, they rely on frozen, “heat and eat” ingredients. What comes out on your plate may smell vaguely pleasant, but it’s essentially a glorified TV dinner. To compensate for the natural reduction in flavor that comes when you freeze or otherwise alter food for the sake of preservation, manufacturers often pump their ingredients with artificial flavors. That way, your taste buds still receive that holy trinity of salt, sugar, and fat. Relying on these processed, ready-in-minutes meals may be cost effective for many restaurants, but it comes at a cost.

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What is “Processed”?

The phrase “processed” has a generally negative connotation. However, not all processed foods are bad. By definition, “processed” foods are any foods that are altered from their natural state, usually for convenience but sometimes also for safety. It can mean canned, frozen, refrigerated, dehydrated, or aseptically processed (in sterile packaging).

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your food is unhealthy; it just so happens to be that the vast majority of processed foods are also full of additives that aren’t good for you. These additives include corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or colors, salt, or chemicals like butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) or potassium benzoate. Many processed, packaged foods are really junk foods that contain an excess of sugar, sodium, chemical preservatives, or the wrong kinds of fat.

There are plenty of healthy processed foods out there. Milk, frozen fruits with no additives, tea, and coffee are all examples of foods that have been altered from their natural state while preserving the majority of their natural benefits.

The Health Benefits of Fresh

Aside from having a better taste, eating foods with fresh ingredients can also supply significant health benefits. It’s more:

Nutrient-Rich – It’s been shown that freezing food decreases the overall nutrient value, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Because they provide so many valuable vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health, it’s important to eat them fresh whenever possible. Freezing also decreases the nutrient value of meat.

Hydrating – Fresh fruits and vegetables have higher water content and therefore offer natural hydration, which is important for cellular health.

Enzyme-Complete – Enzymes are essential to proper digestion and nutrient absorption. They break food down into absorbable components that can be utilized by our bodies. In order to extend the shelf-life of foods, the enzymes need to be removed or lowered to nominal amounts. Fresh foods contain more natural enzymes and thus are more easily digestible.

The Environmental Impact of Freshness

In order for a Dallas restaurant to have truly fresh food, it needs to be local. To maintain freshness, the food can’t be frozen or pumped with preservatives, which means it can travel only so far from where it originates. Granted, “local” can still cover a pretty broad area by today’s industrial shipping standards. Most of the produce in grocery stores originates from Mexico, South America, or another continent entirely. By comparison, eating lettuce and tomatoes at your favorite Dallas restaurant that were grown right here in Texas can be defined as locally grown.

Even so, eating food that originated in the same state as where it’s consumed can still have a pretty significant positive impact, both on the environment and local economy. By eating food grown and raised by local farms, you can simultaneously support the local farmer with your business while also lessening your carbon footprint.

As people have shown a greater preference for supporting local businesses and local industries, restaurants have also shifted their focus in order to benefit from the trend. By choosing local farms and ranches as their suppliers, restaurants are showing support and commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

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The Taste of Freshness

There’s nothing more delicious than fresh food picked and served at its ripest. People love and savor the genuine flavor and wholesomeness that comes from fresh ingredients. Imagine sinking your teeth into crisp lettuce, ripe red onion, and juicy red tomato atop a fresh, never-frozen, perfectly seasoned patty with freshly baked bread buns. It’s a succulent experience that cannot be topped by dull, limp foods that are pumped with additional salt, sugar, or fat.

What’s even better is the feeling that you get when you know you’re eating fresh, healthy, responsibly sourced food. It’s a truly guilt-free indulgence. Eating food that tastes amazing while also making you feel great is event more addicting than the artificial ingredients in the run-of-the-mill fast food burger.

A Dallas Restaurant with Only the Freshest Foods

At Liberty Burger, we care about the food we serve. We care about how it tastes, of course, but also about where it came from and how it was grown. We want to change the way you look at burgers. All of our livestock and poultry are raised in Texas or Oklahoma. Our veggies are picked in-season at the peak of freshness. Our bread is baked fresh and delivered daily from a local artisan bakery.

It’s our goal to deliver the highest quality product possible and serving delicious food with fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients is the best way to do that. If you’re convinced to give your nearest Dallas restaurant a try, stop in today! Not in Dallas? Don’t worry, we have a handful of other locations to check out!

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