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May 15th, 2017 by Liberty Burger

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Summer is just around the corner! ‘Tis the season for backyard get-togethers, bonfires, and some fun in the sun. Whether you’re celebrating a recent graduation, Father’s Day, one of the many patriotic summer holidays, or you’re just having people over for fun, there’s always a reason for a party during the summer. However, having a lot of people over can cause a fair bit of stress for the host. For bigger events, it can be near impossible to prepare enough food all by yourself. Sometimes, it’s just easier – and possibly less expensive – to hire a Dallas catering restaurant to do the work for you.

Stress-Free Food

Hiring a Dallas catering restaurant removes all the stress from your plate – and replaces it with food! It’s no secret that one of the largest sources of stress when it comes to having a party is the food. How much will you need? Who will make it? How much will it cost? Who will do the dishes?

Having your party catered provides answers to all of these questions. With the food and service taken care of by professionals, you can focus on the other things that need your attention, like accommodations, decorations, or entertainment. Best of all – during the actual event, you can kick back with friends and family, rather than remaining slave to the kitchen or the grill. That’s the whole reason to have a party in the first place, right?

Get Some Variety

Many catered events offer the same kind of fare – a pasta dish, a variation of chicken, and some cut of red meat. There’s typically a big salad consisting mostly of soggy lettuce and enough bread to feed a third world nation. It’s either that or a gigantic hoagie that can be very cumbersome to get from point A to point B without some inevitable disaster. These options are very predictable and also extremely forgettable.

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You want your party to stand out in the minds of your guests. You don’t just want to feed them, you want to give them an experience. The ingredients should be fresh and the food should be delicious. You want a Dallas catering restaurant that can offer a unique menu to give your party the taste of summer.

Service Everyone’s Needs

It can be hard to incorporate the different dietary needs and preferences of your group into one meal. These days, everyone has some sort of allergy or food they’re trying to avoid. That’s where catering can be a major relief. Whether you have guests that are vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, paleo, or simply picky, having your event catered can be a great way to address everyone’s needs without overwhelming yourself.

Get the Best Dallas Catering

Summer is the season of backyard barbecues and burgers on the grill. Just because you’re hiring a Dallas catering restaurant doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on the traditional foods of the season. At Liberty Burger, we’re proud to announce that we now offer catering to the DFW area! We have several different catering packages available and can book events from anywhere between 50-300 people.

Our service includes a 10’x10’ collapsible tent under which all of the cooking will be done, professional-grade kitchen equipment, and uniformed servers to help distribute the food. We can even satisfy any non-meat eaters with our delicious, homemade veggie burgers. Combining our professional services with our premium quality burgers and sides will be sure to have guests talking about your party for the rest of the year! To learn more about our catering packages, contact us today!

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