The Best Burger Toppings That Make A Burger Unique

January 16th, 2018 by Liberty Burger

The Best Burger Toppings That Make A Burger Unique Without the best burger toppings, a burger isn’t much more than meat on a bun. That may be sufficient for some, but most of us would rather enjoy a unique and delicious burger with our favorite toppings. The usual suspects in burger toppings are lettuce, onions, american or cheddar cheese, and pickles. However, if you are looking for the best burger around, head to a restaurant that can offer more than your everyday toppings. Let’s look at what toppings can make a burger special.

best burger in dallasBacon

Bacon is such a popular burger topping that it almost could be in the ‘basics’ category of burger toppings. However, not all bacon is the same. Burger joints all over experiment with what they consider to be the best bacon for burger. Some places use applewood-smoked bacon and some use hickory bacon, while others emphasize the importance of a thick-cut. However, applewood-smoked bacon can add a rich taste and texture to a burger that hickory bacon simply can’t offer.

Spicy Stuff

To kick things up a notch, restaurants adorn their burgers with some spicy stuff. In areas like the Southwest United States, sriracha and hot sauce can be found at the tables of most burger joints. Some restaurants like to take things a step further by adding hot peppers like jalapenos and poblano peppers to their burger. If you go to a creative burger restaurant, you might be able to find something truly unique like wasabi aioli over a ground tuna patty. If you enjoy some spice, these are the best burger toppings for you.

Side Dishes

Who said side dishes need to stay on the sidelines? Creative burger restaurants have started the trend of adding side dishes as a topping, creating a whole new type of burger. Some burgers are topped with onion rings, some add an assortment of vegetables fit for a side salad, and there are even breakfast burgers with an egg and hash browns on top. By molding together the burger and the side dish, burger restaurants are able to elevate a simple hamburger into a meal between a bun.

Crazy Condiments

If you are looking for a burger that is out of the ordinary, ketchup and mustard just aren’t going to cut it aren’t the best burger toppings. Burger restaurants have expanded the definition of a burger condiment and are yielding incredible results. Some restaurants spice up their BBQ sauce by adding a chipotle flare, others are getting fancy with condiments like basil garlic aioli. There are even burgers out there that use Greek Tzatziki sauce to add a taste of the mediterranean. By adding a unique condiment, a burger can go through a complete taste transformation.

Best Burger in Fort worthMore than Beef

Another way that burger restaurants make unique burgers is by changing the very foundation they stand on. Any old place could give you a beef patty with a couple toppings, but only the best places give you many options on the burger patty itself. These restaurants allow you to substitute beef for lamb, turkey, chicken, bison, fish and more! This opens up so many possibilities for new and delicious toppings that wouldn’t otherwise taste good on a beef burger.

The Best Burger Toppings on the Best Burger Around

Are you looking for a burger restaurant that goes above and beyond the everyday burger menu? In order to find the very best most unique burgers around with the best burger toppings, head over to Liberty Burger!

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